GEM Girls: Mentoring Program 


GEM Girls is a mentoring program that is guiding, empowering the mind and spirit of young girls in all aspect of their development.  Helping our GEMS develop leadership skills and recognized the value of community services while trying to break the cycle of poverty, low esteem and teen pregnancy by exposing our girls to broader world of opportunity. GEM Girls provide the following services to those precious gems enrolled in the program.

  • Educational support: Offer tutoring in reading, language arts and mathematics. We help girls acquire literacy skills, develop test taking strategies and encourage participants to strive for academic excellence
  • One- one mentoring: Matches female community volunteers with a GEM Girl to act as a role model and provide friendship and personal support. By developing meaningful relationships with girls that allow them to monitor academic progress, personal development and wellbeing.
  • Fitness and nutrition: Our sponsored program is comprehensive fitness and health knowledge workshop designated to prevent childhood obesity, diabetes and improve body confidence. Teaches the young ladies the importance of proper diet and exercise.
  • Family Planning Education: This age appropriate workshop curriculum focuses on educating on sexual health, hygiene, healthy relationships, bullying, conflict resolution, self-esteem and cultural awareness. Raising awareness about the prevention of pregnancy, abuse and exploitation.
  • Horizons: Outings designed to broaden the young ladies horizons in arts, culture and athletics. By exposing them to what is possible, they get new ideas and goals about what they could make possible in their own lives. 
  • Diamond Program: This is a leadership program for high school girls that focus on service projects, college preparation; job shadowing experiences and teen pregnancy prevention